Eagle Feather Series Book 8 - The Nature of Things at Angel Lake

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 (Book #8) Fourteen year-old Tawana Yazzie is glad her friend, Tanya, has come with her to camp. But will Tanya’s attitude — the result of a troubled life — ruin their week? Meanwhile, Robert Yazzie must discover the reason for his friend’s disappearance from camp in the middle of the night before tragedy strikes. A fight over logging rights, the environment, personal desires and personal defeats … and hope for the future.

Eagle Feather Series -- fiction for children & young teens. Readers will be captivated by the intrigue of the mysteries … and lives changed in the process. These are novels for pre-teens, teens, and older, exploring questions of tradition and faith — real life issues for Native North American youth. Produced by NCEM. Written by Bernard Palmer or Karen Peters.

105 pages